Custom truck bodies vs. standard

For your worksite or dealer lot, should you select a standard or custom body? Making a choice might be challenging. As the term suggests, custom implies a vehicle body made to your particular requirements or those of your clients. Although “custom” may seem like the best fit, there are drawbacks to that approach. To further understand which choice is ideal for your future truck body, let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of both standard and bespoke truck bodies.


Standardization was first pioneered in the automotive industry by Henry T. Ford. The same principle has been applied to the truck body industry. Today, truck body manufacturers offer standard models of service, utility, platform, gooseneck, dump bodies and more to choose from.


Standard bodies are frequently in stock and easily accessible. The lead time to create a conventional body is substantially less than a custom body if stock isn’t readily accessible. You can get a basic body considerably more quickly if you need a truck body right away. This makes a lot of sense for your business if you need a truck quickly.

When specifying a new truck body, price is a crucial consideration. When comparing the cost of a conventional and custom body, the difference might be enormous. The longer it takes to see a return on investment, the higher the expense. Conventional bodies are frequently substantially more economical. Lower purchase costs result from the standardization of production using standard models. The basic body is a better choice if your future truck body purchase is largely influenced by your financial situation.

Standard bodies are a fantastic alternative to stock on your lot if you’re a business dealer looking to cater to a wide customer base. You can sell these units more rapidly and keep them in stock more frequently by making them easily accessible to customers who require them.


As vital as picking the proper body type is choosing the appropriate body size. To handle or haul the tools, equipment, and parts for your job, your body must be the proper length, width, and height. A limited range of sizes are available for standard bodies. Because they are pre-engineered, the breadth of the manufacturer’s catalog determines the range of standard truck bodywork you can choose from.

The pre-configured catalog is the only option offered, similar to how body size is restricted. Several manufacturers provide a wide range of selections from their catalog that are suitable for various jobs and uses. Your selections are limited to what that specific truck body manufacturer’s skills and product line can provide.

Commercial Dealers: You should be ready for the end user who requires something a little more complex if you intend to carry conventional upfits, which is a wonderful practice. This is not to say that a typical upfit won’t function, but make sure you’re prepared to collaborate with your local distributor to adapt or locate an upfit solution that functions for your client.


The roads today are littered with custom bodies. Customization is not a new concept, but it has more advantages because the truck body is constructed to precisely meet the operator’s jobsite needs.


Custom truck bodies allow for countless combinations of various designs and dimensions. Other industries that make extensive use of specialized truck bodywork include pest control, railroad, telecommunications, and utilities. Professional specialists frequently need modified vehicle bodies that match their unique application. Building the truck body to precisely match what you do and how you operate can increase productivity and improve safety because the truck body is essentially your mobile workshop.

Custom choices come with custom bodies, and as long as the options you imagine are compliant with federal vehicle rules, the possibilities are virtually endless. Highly tailored bumpers, material racks, and lighting are just a few examples of the custom choices that can increase the value of a custom body. Custom options, like the bespoke body, can be made to fit your particular application.

Commercial Dealers: Even though it might not seem like something you’d want to stock, you should also take your clientele, location, and local market into account. There could be anything available that needs a bespoke fit that might be appropriate for your market. Also, as was already mentioned, it’s critical that you establish a working relationship with your local Mongoose Industry distributor so that you can quickly acquire a custom solution if a customer visits your lot searching for a custom truck body.


The longer anything takes to build, the further from standard it is. Custom bodies have traditionally been produced in a bay rather than an assembly line, despite truck body makers’ efforts to emulate the Ford assembly line method for conventional goods. Many truck body manufacturers have been able to reduce the build time for custom bodywork thanks to more advanced manufacturing techniques. The lead times between regular bodies and custom bodies are still very different.

The price rises as the product becomes more specialized. Truck bodies are no different from any other product in that this is true. The pricing will reflect the fact that the body will require more labor to create and that the pieces are not mass-produced. Far from a basic model, customize your next body, and be prepared to pay a hefty premium.

You can either focus on a short life cycle to try to maximize your resale value, or you can run your work vehicle to the ground to lengthen the life cycle. No of how long you keep your service trucks, the resale market will be smaller if they are more specifically tailored to your needs.

Commercial Dealers: This is probably a straightforward idea, however the more customized the vehicle, the less tempting it could be to the “general” buyer seeking a straightforward “work truck.” Nonetheless, it’s crucial to take into account what sells in your market and properly stock it. If you have the solution in-hand and the following dealer doesn’t, you’ll probably close the deal.


Standard truck bodies will be your best option if you require a truck body right away or have a limited budget. Take in mind that the usual technique will restrict your options for body sizes, configurations, and available features. Bespoke bodies let you design anything you can imagine, but they require a longer build time and a higher purchase price. Work with a manufacturer that provides a wide range of standard body sizes and alternatives for your next truck body buy. The largest assortment of standard bodies and variations for service, utility, and platform bodies is provided by Mongoose Industry


You can purchase our bodies installed or we can deliver them to you. We also have new trucks from dealerships that are ready for your next job.




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